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The School's Curriculum

Dale Avenue's curriculum includes Social, Emotional and Academic Areas

Social Development-The Child:

  • Relates to peers in work and play activities
  • Is aware of the feelings of others
  • is accepted by a group of his/her peers
  • Can Accept the decisions of the group
  • Has a conscientious and positive attitude toward school
  • Is aware of group responsibilities

Emotional Development- The Child:

  • Displays self-confidence
  • Practices self-control
  • Adjusts to change
  • Accepts constructive criticism and suggestions

Academic Development

  • Use of district curriculum guides which are aligned to the Common Core.
  • Utilization of the following programs to develop well-rounded academically proficient students:
    • SRA Imagine It Phonics
    • Lucy Calkins-Writing Workshop Program
    • Harcourt-Science Series
    • MacMilan/McGraw Hill-Social Studies Series
    • Responsive Classroom- Social /Emotional Development

Responsive Classroom

The responsive Classroom is a method of teaching being used at Dale Avenue School.  The children are taught many social skills which help to build a classroom or school into a high achieving learning community.  This daily program includes teaching, learning and caring.  The children learn values such as honesty, fairness and respect.   They are taught how to cooperate with one another, assert themselves, and be more responsible.  They begin to show their feelings and learn self-control.

The Responsive Classroom approach to teaching causes several positive outcomes.  In their classroom, students are directly instructed by their teachers, but also get to choose how they learn.  They learn how to solve problems with their schoolwork as well as their social lives.


Finally, Parents are encouraged to become more involved in their child's education.  This causes them to have a better understanding of what is being learned at school.