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Birthday Celebrations

The faculty and staff at Dale Avenue School recognize that on occasion, it is appropriate for our classroom communities to celebrate together to mark a special event such as the birthday of a classmate.  While these events do provide a social learning opportunity, they do impede upon precious academic learning time.  The following guidelines are designed to allow for classroom parties and birthday recognitions, without unnecessarily infringing upon the academic time.


  1. If you would like to have a short birthday celebration for your child it will be permitted on Fridays only.  Please speak with your child’s teacher at least one week in advance of the day you wish to host the celebration. 
  2. The suggested time of the celebration should be between 2PM-2:30 PM so it does not interfere with instructional time.  However, your child’s teacher can approve an alternate time that will not interfere with academics.    The party should last a maximum time frame of 30 minutes in total (set up, celebration, clean up) 
  3. We strongly suggest that parents/ guardians choose to send in non-food items due to the increasing amount of food allergies and sensitivities.  Please consider sending a gift to the class or non-items such as:
    1. A game to be donated by your child for the class
    2. A classroom book to be donated to the class by your child ( A nice touch would be having your child pick it out, sign it and date it)
    3. Send in an item for each child to keep such as pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, stickers, etc.
  4. If you would like to send in food items they must be healthy snacks and treats and they are subject to inspection from our School Nurse to ensure that they are safe for the students in your child’s classroom due to food allergies/sensitivities and the district nutritional guidelines.  Some suggestions are:
    1. Fresh fruit  (caramel dip, reduced fat whipped cream)
    2. Vegetables  (Salsa, reduced fat ranch dressing)
    3. String Cheese
    4. Animal crackers
    5. Fruit snacks
    6. Jell-O/ Pudding
    7. Ice Pops/Sorbets
    8. Low-fat yogurt
    9. Fruit cups ( in 100% fruit juice, not syrup)
    10. Pretzels/ Popcorn/Whole grain crackers
    11. 100% juice /juice boxes/ Water
    12. If you are unsure about a food item please contact the Main Office or Dale Avenue School Health Office
  5.  All edible treats must be sent in the original store package with ingredients listed.  No homemade treats are allowed due to food sensitivities/ allergies.