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Council Meetings



Ms. Charlene Cromartie, Home/School Liaison 973-321-0410

Meetings will be held every 3rd Thursday beginning in October

** This is a tentative schedule.  Dates and topics may change based on parent needs. 



Topic                           Description


Cookies  & Curriculum

Parents are invited to enjoy fresh baked cookies as they learn about the district’s curriculum.

Donuts & Data

Parents are invited to enjoy a variety of donuts as they learn about assessments.  What are assessments? What are the different types of assessments we use in Paterson?  How will we use the assessments to make decisions about his/ her child?

Make & Take

Parents are invited to come in and learn how to make low-cost items that students can use as learning tools. 

Coffee, Concerns and Compliments

Let’s start the new year off right!  Parents are invited to come in and share their concerns and compliment about Dale Avenue.

Munchkins & Math

Parents are invited to come in and learn about the conceptual based model and different ways they can help their child with the new way we teach math.

“Fruits” of Success in School

Parents are welcomed to enjoy fresh fruit salad as they are reminded to motivate their child until the end. They will be provided with the best ways to help their children to be successful in school.

What’s Popping at Dale?

Parents are invited to enjoy popcorn as they participate in a gallery walk and other fun displays of student work.

Making May flowers with the Principal

Parents are invited to come and create flowers to display around the school and share ideas on ways to beautify the school for the new school year.

Time to Transition

This meeting will be dedicated to transitioning parents and students to their new schools.