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Student Arrivals

The majority of Dale Avenue Students will take the bus to school. The following are the daily procedures we will follow to ensure a safe transition.

  1. Prior to Day 1 of school students that are bussed from his/her homeschool will be provided color-coded bus tags that will identify their assigned bus and route and his/her teacher.
  2. All Dale Avenue School buses will have an assigned Dale Avenue staff member as a bus monitor.  The assigned monitor will meet the bus and students at the home school in the morning and ride with the students to Dale Avenue School.  The assigned monitor will board the bus at Dale Avenue School and ride with the students back to the home school in the afternoon.  The assigned bus monitor will also require that the parent/guardian sign in and sign out the student on and off the bus every day.  Please be patient  as you will be required to show identification and sign out your child with the bus monitor
  3. The bus tags will be color-coded according to what bus the student is assigned to:

         ORANGE:  SCHOOL 19

         BLUE:  SCHOOL 18

         YELLOW:  SCHOOL 18

         RED:  SCHOOL 18

         BEIGE:  SCHOOL 14

         GREEN:  SCHOOL 12

  1. All buses will park on the Dale Avenue side of the school at arrival and dismissal times.
  2. Students being bussed from his/her home school will be checked off one bus at a time and brought to his/her assigned area in the cafeteria.  ( Breakfast will be served )
  3. All other students will remain on their assigned bus until they are checked in by his/ her teacher and/or instructional assistant. 
  4. These classes will have breakfast in the classroom (Preschool classes, self-contained classes, etc.)



  1. Preschool parents will be allowed to enter the building.  Each parent will be given a Dale Avenue Pre-K ID card that they must have in order to enter the building.  This card does not identify the adult picking up the student.  Teachers and Instructional Assistants must continue to verify the permission to pick -up form and check the identification of the adult that is picking up the student.  **  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE**
  3. If a Pre-K parent did not come in before the first day of school to pick up the Dale Avenue Pre-K ID cards and emergency forms we will have a table set –up for them to complete that process on September 7th.
  4. Preschool parents may drop off to the classroom door from 8:20- 8:30 AM.  Preschool parents that arrive after 8:30 AM will be considered late and will not be allowed up to the classroom door.  Dale Avenue staff members will accompany late Pre-K students to their classroom. 
  5. Preschool dismissal is at 2:45 PM.  There will be no walk-in dismissals from 2:20 PM to 3:00 PM.


I ask that everyone be patient and calm the first week.  It will definitely take a couple of days to get everything, “perfect”! The most important goal for our first week together is the safety of the students and making sure we have all their emergency forms and permission to pick-up information.